Braces and Eye teeth

Nov 13, 2023By Jack Gaffey

Braces are a common orthodontic treatment used to correct misaligned teeth and improve oral health. One specific type of tooth that often requires special attention when it comes to braces is the eye tooth, also known as the canine tooth. In this blog post, we will explore the role of braces in treating eye teeth and the importance of addressing any issues related to these teeth.

The Importance of Eye Teeth

Eye teeth, or canine teeth, play a crucial role in our dental health and overall appearance. These teeth are located in the corners of our mouths and are essential for biting and tearing food. Additionally, they help to maintain the alignment of our other teeth, ensuring a proper bite.

Common Issues with Eye Teeth

Due to their position and shape, eye teeth are prone to certain dental issues. One common problem is impacted eye teeth, where these teeth fail to erupt properly and become stuck in the gums. This can lead to pain, discomfort, and even damage to surrounding teeth.

Another issue is the misalignment of eye teeth, which can cause an uneven bite or gaps between teeth. This misalignment can affect not only the appearance of your smile but also your ability to chew and speak properly.

Treating Eye Teeth with Braces

Braces are an effective solution for correcting issues with eye teeth. By applying gentle pressure, braces can gradually guide the eye teeth into their correct positions. This helps to align the bite and improve the overall appearance of the smile.

During the orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may use various techniques to address specific issues with your eye teeth. This can include using brackets and wires to create space for impacted eye teeth to emerge or to align misaligned eye teeth with the rest of the dental arch.

Benefits of Treating Eye Teeth with Braces

There are several benefits to treating eye teeth with braces:

  1. Improved bite: Properly aligned eye teeth contribute to a more balanced bite, reducing the risk of jaw pain and discomfort.
  2. Enhanced aesthetics: Correcting misaligned eye teeth can greatly improve the appearance of your smile, boosting your confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Better oral health: Straightening eye teeth can make it easier to clean and maintain good oral hygiene, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.


Eye teeth are an important part of our dental health and overall well-being. If you have issues with your eye teeth, such as misalignment or impaction, it is crucial to seek orthodontic treatment. Braces can effectively address these problems, improving your bite, enhancing your smile, and promoting better oral health. Consult with Dr Jack to determine the best course of action for your specific needs and start your journey towards a healthier, more confident smile.

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