Overbite Correction

Correcting overbites is something we do every day. It just depends on what the cause of the over bite is. Sometimes it is the shape of the arches which can be easily improved with braces.

More challenging problems are when the teeth are too big for their jaw or there is a difference between the upper and lower jaws. In these cases it is sometimes neccesary for the removal of teeth.

It is important to get an assessment with Dr Jack to determine whether we can correct it with braces only or if more work is required. We will ensure that you have a proper plan and Dr Jack will be able to complete all of the work required to get the teeth straight for you.

Portrait of young Asian boy with tooth braces. Young teen boy smiling and showing his orthodontic braces on his teeth.

Some overbites require extractions like in this case. The photos on the top show teeth that protrude/ stick out. This is the before photos.


2 teeth were removed on the upper arch to move the top teeth to meet the lower teeth. If you look carefully, you will notice the top photos have 2 premolars on the top and the lower photos have only one

Overbite braces correction with extractions